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Group Orders made simple


Congratulations on your appointment. We wish you a very joy filled year. At Odeon we would love to have the opportunity to outfit your group with the most elegant and value based dresses for your session. To make things easier for you, and your officers elect, here are some suggestions on how to begin this process. Ordering for a group can be fun and challenging at the same time. Our goal is to make this as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Important information when considering your dresses:


       Wear date

       Number of Ladies in your group

       Your colors

       Price range you and your group would consider

  • Type of outfits

    • Tops

    • Sets

    • Dresses

    • Fabrics: Sequin, beaded, Lace etc.


When considering the above please consider the different size ranges for all the members.

Success equals participation by your group so please keep prices, comfort and elegance when considering your selection.


Although group consensus is important the decision should be yours and keep suggestions to a limit in order to expedite your selection. Remember not everyone will be completely satisfied with your decision but it is your year and session. 

We can also arrange for online meetings with you or your group for a full presentation to help you with your selection.

However please begin by filling out the form below.

Group Order Inquiry

Thank you for your consideration.

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