Odeon By Kris

Sequin Tops 

Hand stiched tops with beautiful sequin and beads. These tops were designed by Odeonbykris for many customers and groups. These tops are usually made on special order for quantities of 10 or more. We manufacture them from sizes 6 to 32. Many of the tops below can be customized in color and design depending upon size of order. We originated the combination of the Top and skirt combination below to appeal to the full figuered woman, however as you can see they look elegant and beautiful for any evening occasion, wedding or church ceremonies. For More information:
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Black Mosaic beaded and sequin Top

Style# Murty604BLK
Price: $139.00 $110.00 Save 21%
Price: $169.00 $149.00 Save 12%
Rose Design Black Top

Style# MA2070BLK
Price: $139.00 $125.00 Save 10%
Floral Yellow Sequin Top

Floral Yellow Sequin Top Style #AM8400YEL
Price: $110.00 $69.00 Save 37%
White Musical Top

Style# KRFT007WHT
Price: $129.00 $39.00 Save 70%
Egg Shell White Top

Price: $99.00 $39.00 Save 61%
White Swirl Design Beaded Top

Style# WHT004KRS
Price: $120.00 $99.00 Save 18%
Floral Design White Beaded Top
Price: $120.00 $99.00 Save 18%
Sweet Heart White Beaded Top
Price: $120.00 $99.00 Save 18%

Price: $189.00
Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00
Price: $139.00